Travelogue Assignment   The travelogue assignment is a first person account of your travel to a place and requires you to use contextual research and…

Travelogue Assignment
The travelogue assignment is a first person account of your travel to a place and requires you to use contextual research and include a narrative story.
(Note: The research you incorporate must be complemented with both observation and feeling. Your narrative story could be as simple as a story that challenges your expectations of a place.)
Think of any trip that you have made that has made an impact on you. Narrate your experience using vivid descriptions and details to create interest in the place and in your own inner world. The travelogue should have your unique voice and style.
Ensure you include:
1. An interesting hook
2. Geographical location and physical setting
3. Theme/of the travelogue
4. Descriptions of historical sites, monuments etc.
5. Interesting characters and event/s
Other Important Information:
1. Length: 1500–1750 words
2. APA: Use the general APA style-
Include a title page
Create a page header by inserting page numbers in the top right corner of every page
Indent first word of each paragraph by half an inch
Each person/ character’s spoken words, however brief, must be written as a separate paragraph
Use double quotation marks to begin and end each character’s speech
Use commas to set off dialogue tags
3. Font: Times New Roman
4. Font size: 12
5. Line Spacing: Double-space
6. Word Count: Write word count at the end of your assignment
Philanthropic journey
Many travelers claim that the country of contrasts is India known as a rich land where poor people live. These claims sounded absurd, I had to find out myself, so I scrolled through google searching for voluntary trips to take. Roaming the pointer around the screen undecided until I came across this light blue ‘ME to WE’ logo just reading the organization’s name felt impactful. This philanthropic journey was meant to be shared with and I knew the perfect person for it. Zeina is my best friend, she is an ambitious and purposeful being she would go out of her way to make a difference big or small. So, as the phone was ringing and all wanted to hear was a “yes, I am in”. She picked up the phone and I remember telling her “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and it is this summer are you ready to hear the rest” and she said, “count me in there is nothing I’d want to miss but … will you take care of convincing my parents?” I was ready for the obstacles that were going to be thrown at me with “no’s” from her family but with the preparation I had and the dedication of this trip we got a “yes” I couldn’t get any happier.
In a matter of days, we were getting ready to take up this trip, reading through the gear requirements that listed from boots to electrolytes. I dropped everything, folded the list into my purse, stormed out to pick Zeina up to get ready. For the first time in my life, I was so lost in a place I knew so well, the mall turned into a maze to me, and I just didn’t know where to start. After we got the essentials, it was a matter of days till we travel. I’d like to call this my window seat journey; a plane from Dubai to Mumbai, then a transit from Mumbai to Rajasthan took a 2-hour road trip till we arrived to camp. She held me saying “no complaints, just embracing” and I looked back smiling and said, “we will have each other to push one another” before we got off the bus. The agricultural sites were breathtaking, the way the plants hugged the tents and how the scent of the earthy soil made me feel one with nature. We couldn’t wait to get on the builders site and make a difference.
For the first time in my life, I was so lost in a place I knew so well, the mall turned into a maze to me, and I just didn’t know where to start.
The earthy aroma lifted from the ground and wrapped me around the way the trees hugged the sky. The land spoke in many languages like it was ancient and wise. Every step taken was a step of purpose, waking between the tents, I knew I came to India so I can make a change. One of the most important pillars in life is education and culture. I went there to learn more about the Indian culture and to make a difference by building a school to give the kids a better foundation. I realized that not only I was learning about the Indian culture, but also sharing different cultures with my peers was a little bit overwhelming, as me and Zeina were the only two Muslims in that trip. The number of questions that left us speechless was absurd. I cannot forget the moment I was praying and one of the girls documented it and related it to yoga. I found that to be beautiful in a sense that she saw me at peace, and it looked like a form of meditation. What was funny is she tried to hide filming me.
Roaming around the village we arrived towards a holy monument, I didn’t step in as I don’t like to confuse my spirituality with my Allah but there was a scarred lake of catfish that was looked upon one of their many gods, his name was Vishu. I remember our instructor described it as if it was a wishing well, people will feed the fish and pray for the god for it to be granted. On our way back to the camping site all I thought about was my prayers to Allah and how the world is such beautiful creation.
Racing Zeina towards the main hall, you can hear the cracking of twigs and the crushing sounds coming from the rocks beneath us up until we arrived to our group. We had this activity that was called ‘take a step’ all the players will start off at the same spot and based on your privilege you would take step forward of backwards. All our eyes were closed, and we felt so vulnerable by answering our living status with these series of questions. With every step I took I felt light, I felt fortunate, and life instantly changed in my point of view I am thankful for this philanthropic journey.

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