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Step 1 Refer back to a past outline Step 2 Determine presentation aids. Determine the type(s) of presentation aids that would best support your points. When identifying…

Step 1 Refer back to a past outline
Step 2 Determine presentation aids.
Determine the type(s) of presentation aids that would best support your points.

When identifying the type of presentation aid, keep in mind that you will be creating one of these presentation aids as the next step in the assignment. You must be able to submit the presentation aid electronically.
Enter the information about the presentation aids for the two points into your word processing document.
Include a brief explanation of how each type of presentation aid will support the corresponding point in the speech.

Step 3 Create a presentation aid.
Select one of the presentation aids that you identified and create it. For example, you could:

Use a software application such as Microsoft Excel to create a chart or graph.
Create a few PowerPoint slides that you would use during a specific part of your presentation.
Take a digital photograph that illustrates a concept or point in your speech.
Record a portion of an interview as an mp3 file.

These are just a few ideas of how you could create a presentation aid for your speech. Whatever type of presentation aid you create, follow the guidelines presented in the lesson to make the presentation aid as effective as possible.
Step 4 Write a summary.
In a one-page (250-word) summary, describe how you would incorporate the presentation aid into your speech delivery.

At what point would you introduce the presentation aid? How would you use it to enhance your presentation?
Are there any special considerations you should take into consideration when preparing to present your speech based on including the presentation aid?

Outline Template
Evolution of industrial revolution over the years
I. Introduction
A. Attention-getter:
A knowledge of industrial revolutions is important because it enables one to see how technology has evolved and what influence it has had on a business and its workers.
B. Thesis Statement:
The organization’s use of technology throughout that time period has undergone significant modification as the industrial revolution has progressed. In the early stages of the industrial revolution, mechanical power was the primary source of power. The introduction of mass manufacturing occurred during the second industrial revolution.. Mechanical and electronic-driven technologies, as well as digital technology, are converging to create the third industrial revolution. And now, the fourth industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0, has been launched.
C. Preview of Main Points:
1. First, I’d like to discuss the elements of Industry 4.0 and its influence on the company and the employee’s career in my speech.
2. Perhaps some of you are already familiar with Industry 4.0 and its potential impact on your job and career.
3. The term “Industry 4.0” refers to a new stage in the structure and management of the industrial value chain and is used interchangeably with the term “fourth industrial revolution”.
II. Body
A. Overview of First Main Point
In the fourth industrial revolution, dubbed “Industry 4.0” by the German government, the internet of things and cyber-physical systems will play prominent roles. It is the technical progression in which all machines and equipment are networked through the internet of things and cyber physical system. Remote control is possible due to the interconnectedness of the machines and equipment.
B. Overview of Second Main Point
The automation and interchange of data in industrial technologies is a key component of Industry 4.0. Data aggregation and analysis across machines is facilitated by this transformation, allowing for a speedier, more flexible, and more efficient production process at lower costs. In order to change industrial production, Industry 4.0 comprises a wide range of technologies that include big data and analytics, autonomous robotics, simulation, horizontal and vertical system integration, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.
C. Overview of Third Main Point
These technologies would allow for a larger reduction in the amount of manual labor required, while also requiring personnel to have the kind of abilities required by Industry 4.0. Employee training on Industry 4.0’s different aspects is becoming more important, as it will allow us to better understand and use the technology when it is implemented in our firm. It is possible to get knowledge about Industry 4.0 through watching videos on YouTube, reading research articles in professional journals, and by attending Industry 4.0 training courses at educational institutions that provide such courses.
III. Conclusion
Organizations are reaping the benefits of Industry 4.0 and its cutting-edge technology, which are allowing them to reduce waste and produce a more polished and high-quality product. Industry 4.0’s human resources must be sufficiently educated and trained, however, if they are to be successful in managing the new technologies it will introduce. It is essential for workers to be educated on the technologies of Industry 4.0, since many companies are already embracing and adopting them in their processes to make them more complex and manageable. Employees with little or no formal education may be seen as a liability to a company’s technical advancements and hence be unable to do their jobs.
Clark, G. (2001). The secret history of the Industrial Revolution. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/228800335.
Mohajan, H. K. (2019). The First Industrial Revolution: Creation of a New Global Human Era. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/336675822.
Tay, S. I. (2018). An Overview of Industry 4.0: Definition, Components, and Government Initiatives. Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems, 10(14), 14.
Umachandran, K. (2018). Industry 4.0.: The New Industrial Revolution. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/329539981.
Presentation summary
Name of the student
Name of the institution
Date of submission
Presentation summary
The presentation aid will use a PowerPoint presentation to present the work. The presentation aid will begin at the introduction stage of the industrial revolution, where the introduction and the thesis statement for the project will be discussed. The presentation aid will be essential when talking about the main body for the discussion to provide a visual understanding where the graphs and findings of the forum will be discussed in the presentation aid to ensure that the audience has a better experience of what is being discussed.
When preparing the presentation, aid factors that will be given priority is the main points of the speech, which are in the body of the address. The highest percentage of the presentation aid needs to be on the central part of the discussion. The use of visual aid elements such as graphs and photos needs to be considered in the prepared PowerPoint because they help enhance the presentation. When the visual aid is used in communication, they help the viewer memorize what was being discussed for a more extended period compared to when it is the text that is just considered.
The presentation aid needs to be short and clear with specific illustrations for the audience to understand the theme of the discussion, with the conclusion being drawn from the findings of the panel to ensure that the presentation aid reinstates the debate. For efficiency in communication, the presentation aid needs to be clear, with appropriate graphics, and easy to understand.

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