[Solution]Orvibo Leaked Database

Select This Topic – Orvibo leaked database ANswer should be like this Problem Definition Phase – 2 pages Solution Design Phase – 2 pages implementation phase…

Select This Topic – Orvibo leaked database
ANswer should be like this
Problem Definition Phase – 2 pages
Solution Design Phase – 2 pages
implementation phase Conclusion Upto 4 pages MAX.
Make separate word file answer for problem definition and solution design and conclusion.(conclusion will have all the parts)
For this course, you will design and develop a project in three phases: (1) Problem Definition,  (2) Solution Design (3), Solution Implementation Plan
The complete project should be a single Microsoft-compatible document, including deliverables of all three phases. Any supporting files (spreadsheets, videos, etc.) should be submitted along with the deliverables.
This project provides you with a framework for discovery and skill building. Strive to be extremely clear about the problem you are trying to solve, or the opportunity you are trying to support.
Problem Definition Phase
Research a recent threat (discovered within the last 36 months) to the security of an e-business operation. Define and describe the threat, including its discovery, history, impact on e-business operations, technical features, and risks. This deliverable is due in Week 3.
Remember that this threat must be related to e-business, which, with very few exceptions, is now a web-based operation. Focus on “what happened” and “why, or how, did it happen”. Consider using the classic journalistic style of presentation: who, what, when, where why and how.
Solution Design Phase
Research the solution(s) to address the recent threat to the security of an e-business operation that you defined in the Problem Definition Phase in Week 3. This is the continuation of the Problem Definition phase, so the solution design should be appended to the previous deliverable. This deliverable is due in Week 6.
The design should “harden” the overall security of the e-business operation. Make the design proactive and forward thinking whenever possible.
Here are the key components of the Solution Design deliverable.
· Define and design appropriate policies, procedures, products, and services that will effectively mitigate the risk of the e-business threat.
· Suggest what the e-business should do after the design is implemented.
· Provide cost and impact estimates where available. If the implementation requires additional hardware, indicate the vendor, model, and unit cost of the recommended component. This will be the starting point to define the financial impact of the implementation.
· Summarize the key aspects of the design for the management team.
Implementation Plan Phase
Describe how to make your solution design a reality within the e-business. Addressed to middle and senior management, the implementation plan builds upon the prior two phases and should be appended to the previous deliverable. This deliverable is due in Week 8.
The plan is a road map to improved e-business security. It typically describes “what happens”, “when it happens”, “who makes it happen”, and the proof that the design works. A successful completion of the Implementation Plan should suggest that the e-business has now transitioned to a better security posture.
Here are the key components of the Implementation Plan deliverable.
· Explain events to be scheduled (e.g., equipment shutdown, configuration changes, etc.)
· Describe operational impact on the existing procedures and infrastructures
· Prepare a fallback plan in the event of unexpected failures (restoring databases, configuration, network connectivity, etc.)
· Describe how the implemented solution will be validated before returning to normal operation
Course Project Expectations
Here is the list of the required content for the course project.
· Cover page
· Table of contents – the three phases and their sections
· Executive summary – one page, or less.
· Problem overview
· Description of the threat including how the threat was identified, the technical features that characterize the threat, how it works, vulnerabilities it exploits, and so forth.
· Diagram depicting the mechanism of attack and exploitation.
· Potential or actual consequences including damage to hardware, software, data, personnel, financial losses, etc. You should identify the nature of the security compromise (i.e., data confidentiality, integrity, availability).
· Risk assessment based on the concepts presented in the lessons, textbook, and public sources.
· Solution design overview
· Solution design details (how to address the risk and prevent it from happening again)
· Solution design implications (what else does the solution do)
· Cost estimates where possible.
· Implementation overview
· Implementation schedule (required resources and new/updated policies).
· Methods used to prove the design addressed the requirements.
· Post-implementation expectations, benefits, and follow-up activities.
· References
Research: Use credible sources upon which to base your project report. In cases when the source is necessary, but credibility is not assured, you must note it in the text of your documents. You are required to use the APA style for both in-text citations and the References section of the project deliverable.
Originality: Use citations to indicate where ideas have come from within the outside sources. All writing must be in your own words. No direct quotations of outside sources are allowed without citations.
Deliverables: Everything should add value and move the reader to the next point. The minimum length of the final deliverable — not counting the cover page, table of contents, and references — is four double-spaced pages. The maximum length is eight pages. Unless approved by your professor, do not submit deliverables that have fewer or more pages than what is expected.

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