MANAGERS ROLE IN CHANGE INSTRUCTIONS AND RESOURCES   Scenario You are a manager of a call center, Respond to Resolve, that answers calls for a…

You are a manager of a call center, Respond to Resolve, that answers calls for a number of local small businesses. As the business has begun to mature, you and the owner of the call center have noticed that your existing plan for employees requesting time off has been ineffective. For instance, there are certain peak times that many employees request time off, leaving Respond to Resolve understaffed. The remaining employees are overworked; and external clients, including callers and businesses, get frustrated by wait times.

You have decided to implement a new process for requesting and approving time off that will ensure operational coverage as well as consistency in time off policies for all employees. Employees who request time off will be approved based on the order in which they submit their requests and at least 50% of staff must be working each day. You have a system in place that will track this automatically and let employees know when their time off has been approved; however, you anticipate that some employees will dislike this more official method of tracking time off.
While the change in policy does seem fairly minor to you and the owner, you realize that some employees may have a negative reaction. In order to help manage this change smoothly, you must create a brief change management plan as well as a presentation to your employees. As you work on this plan and presentation, consider that everyone responds to change differently. The owner of Respond to Resolve is counting on you to minimize negative impact and maintain positive employee morale.

The owner of Respond to Resolve would like you to create an abbreviated change management plan as well as a presentation to your call center employees to communicate this new time off request policy. Be sure to complete the following:
· Change Management Plan
· Introduction: Begin your plan by explaining the importance of creating a change management plan. Answer the following question: How do change management plans support the success of an initiative?
· Current Problem: In your next section, discuss the current problem and proposed change. Include the following:
· Proposed Change: Describe what change will be implemented.
· Reason for Change: Explain why this change needs to be implemented.
· Intended Outcome: Describe the desired outcome from making this change.
· Stakeholder Impact: In your next section, list at least two potential benefits and at least two potential perceived adverse effects on each of the following:
· Internal Stakeholders: For the purpose of this plan, the only internal stakeholders you need to describe are your employees. Your employees are call center employees who will be requesting their time off with the new system.
· External Stakeholders: For the purpose of this plan, the only external stakeholders you need to describe are your customers. Your customers are the local owners of small businesses whose calls you answer at Respond to Resolve.
· Communication Plan: Conclude your change management plan with a brief communication plan.
· Describe how and when you will communicate this change to employees. Consider including your Change Management Presentation in this plan. You do not need to draft specific communication, aside from the presentation, but should describe the message type and tone. (“When” here refers to how long before the change is being made and how often the communication will be broadcast to the organization.)
· Determine if you will communicate this change to customers. If so, how and when will you do so? If not, why not? (“When” here refers to how long before the change is being made and how often the communication will be broadcast to the organization.)
· Change Management Presentation
· Change Proposal: Explain the proposed change, the reason for the change, and the desired outcome. This information can be taken from your change management plan but edited to use employee-facing language. It is critical to keep in mind your audience for the presentation.
· Strategies to Cope: Share at least two specific strategies for your employees to cope with the change. Consider managerial best practices in your proposed strategies for employees.
· Next Steps: Include at least two next steps that your employees can take if they have any additional questions. This could be a person to contact, an informational packet that will be distributed, a company-wide follow up email, etc. Consider the best method to communicate this information and answer additional questions.
· Potential Adverse Reactions: Choose at least two potential adverse reactions that you listed in the change management plan. You do not need to list them in the presentation itself; but instead, anticipate the reactions of your employees and include proposed solutions.
What to Submit
Every project has a deliverable or deliverables, which are the files that must be submitted before your project can be assessed. For this project, you must submit the following:
1. Change Management Plan You will submit a 1,000 to 1,500 word abbreviated change management plan. Be sure to summarize the change, intended outcome, stakeholder reactions, and communication plan.
2. Change Management Presentation You will create a four- to six-slide presentation for your employees at Respond to Resolve. In this presentation, you will explain the proposed change as well as provide strategies to mitigate potential adverse reactions. Be sure to use employee-facing language throughout your presentation.
Supporting Materials
The following resource(s) may help support your work on the project:
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