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For Assignment #2, you will develop a year-long (52-week) training program for the athlete you began training for the Assignment #1 (Athlete Analysis). For Assignment…

For Assignment #2, you will develop a year-long (52-week) training program for the athlete you began training for the Assignment #1 (Athlete Analysis). For Assignment #2, you will be developing the overall periodization plan by determining what phases and cycles will be followed, working back from the competitive season or the last competition or signature event the athlete competes in. The length of each phase and cycle as well as the specific workouts within them will vary depending on the sport/event.
For Assignments 3 and 4 you will be developing the details including the specific training variables, workouts, and competitions so you do not need to include those details yet.

SPHE 323 – Assignment 2
Instructions: Complete the following worksheet. Provide all information as specified in the document. See the Sample Answer document and Assignment 2 Rubric for additional guidance and resources.
1) Athlete Demographic Information (5 pts.)
2) Periodization Plan (20 pts.)
Describe the 52-week periodization plan, dividing the year into phases and cycles that are well defined (e.g., off-season, pre-season, in-season).
Periodization type (block, linear, non-linear).
Continue typing if you need more space.
3) Athlete’s Goals (20 pts.)
What are the specific goals of the athlete?
· Explain each phase and cycle based on the specific goals of the athlete.
· Explain your reasoning for how following the plan will assist in reaching a goal.
· You must use a visual (chart, grid, etc.) as part of your presentation of this information. You will place it below (#4).
Continue typing if you need more space.
4) Visual of Periodization Plan (10 points)
Add visuals (e.g., charts, tables) of your periodization plan showing the progress for the entire year. Refer to this article from Phillips for examples of how you might lay out a chart for the year: https://thesportjournal.org/article/tools-and-benefits-of-periodization-developing-an-annual-training-plan-and-promoting-performance-improvements-in-athletes/
Add visuals immediately below this box.
Add visuals of the 52-week periodization plan, including the phases & cycles you discussed in #3 here (use as much space as needed):
5) Assessments to be performed prior to and during the training program (10 pts.)
Include the following information. Sources should be cited using the format for in-text citations in APA 7th edition style.
a) What assessments will you use and what is your reasoning for selecting the tests and for the timing of re-assessments?
b) Provide supporting evidence (in-text references). Continue typing if you need more space.
6) References (5 points)
List the references you cited in your answers above, using APA 7th edition format. You should have at least 5 peer-reviewed sources for this assignment.
Continue typing if you need more space.
FINAL STEPS: Before you submit the worksheet If an answer is “no,” then revise before you submit the assignment!
1) Is the information above complete?
2) Did you provide a rationale (reasoning) everywhere you were asked?
3) Did you provide supporting evidence for your plan or program (i.e., references)?
4) Are your references peer-reviewed?
5) Did you list your references in the proper format style (APA 7th edition)?
6) Did you run Editor in Word to check spelling, punctuation, and grammar?
7) Did you follow instructions for the format of the paper, including the name of the document?
Refer to the complete rubric for the Assignment for a complete breakdown of point values.
Is information from a web site peer-reviewed? No.
Some web sites contain useful and accurate information; however, even highly reputable web sites are not appropriate sources of information for an academic paper. A web site that lists the sources of information may lead you to a peer-reviewed reference you can use.
What is a peer-reviewed reference and how do I find one? https://apus.libanswers.com/faq/2154
Where can I find APA 7th ed. resources? There is an announcement in the classroom with links to several resources. You can also find information here: https://apastyle.apa.org/products/publication-manual-7th-edition
How do I find Editor in Word (check spelling and grammar)?
Are there other resources to check my grammar?

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