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Write a response 100 words   The thought of meat being bad for the environment I have to admit is a foreign concept, having had…

Write a response 100 words
The thought of meat being bad for the environment I have to admit is a foreign concept, having had thought I was living an environmentally friendly lifestyle. My protein footprint I would consider slightly high, I consume 69.12% of my saturated fat and 9.5% of my sodium from meat alone according to my online survey. I honestly was more astounded that it would take 79 trees to absorb my CO₂ emissions over a year and would also be equivalent to having charged 22,000 phones, all just from my meat intake. While people across the world live on meat/protein based many are completely unaware that their diet choices have dire effects on the environment. A study shows that approximately 90% of deforestation can fall back on the meat industry, four fifths of the deforestation in the amazon can be linked back to cattle ranching alone. Along with this is the issue of antibiotic resistance. When antibiotics are used to keep livestock healthy on a large-scale. This has caused strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria to form that put humans at elevated risk to severe illnesses. Another negative impact meat-rich diets have on the environment is global warming through greenhouse gas emissions. 15-20% of the total global greenhouse gas emissions can be traced back to animal agriculture. Beef alone produced a quarter of the emissions from food production (food production as a total account for 57%) of greenhouse gas emissions). One kilogram of beef produces 70kg of emissions. Greenhouse gas known as nitrogen oxide, which is two times more potent than carbon dioxide, also is a huge issue with the livestock industry. In the US it takes 17 billion pounds of nitrogen fertilizer and 167 million pounds of pesticides to produce livestock feed, creating an insane amount of nitrogen oxide. Methane is also produced from the industry, 20% of all methane emission in the US is curtesy of cattle. This all being said, yes, a meat-rich diet does have a negative influence on the environment. Over the next few generations major changes will have to be made to make up for/improve the damage that it has done to our environment on a global scale.

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